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Glass Engraving Philosophy

Glass is one of the most beautiful and yet difficult mediums to carve. When illuminated, glass captures the elusiveness of light, allowing the carving to come alive.  

Glass engraving is an ancient art which is achieved by removing glass using stone, diamonds or copper wheels. The surface is then polished using stones, rubbers and creams to achieve clarity. I use a micrometer which is similar to a dentist drill.

 My goal is to produce beautiful and exquisite work by researching my subjects and authentically illustrating them so that others can share the same beauty that I have discovered. Each piece is unique. ​

I welcome you to examine and enjoy my work and contact me if you would like to purchase or commission me to carve something special for you. Prices depend on the quality of glass, size and time taken to complete the work.

Margot Jacobs

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